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Criteria for Admission

Admission Notice

1. Being a minority institution managed by Catholic Christians, all the eligible Catholics of the neighbourhood are given admission subject to availability of seats. In classes where there are limited vacancies, additional points are given to the Catholics, preference being given to those not already studying in a catholic school and not having catholic schools in the neighbourhood. Other Christians are given additional preferential points.

2. The marks/grades secured in the previous school will be considered. For classes VIII and above there may be an oral / written test.

3. Weightage is given based on the distance from the residence, children of the staff of the school considering the number of years of service, performance of the siblings if any studying in the same school, parents being alumni of Montfort institutions and out station transfer cases.

4. Any recommendation, use of influence (direct or indirect), offer of donation etc. will lead to cancellation of admission of the child.

5. Selection and Admissions are done on the basis of the information given in the registration form and the documents submitted along with it. If at any stage the information submitted is found to be incorrect, the admission of the child if she/he is selected will be cancelled. The selection committee reserves the right to reject Registration Form with either incomplete and/or forged documents.

6. The decision of the selection committee is final in all respects.

7. The Principal admits children after they are selected by a Selection Committee constituted by the Correspondent.

Withdrawals / Discontinuance :

Students are admitted on condition that they will remain in the school at least for the entire academic year. Parents desirous of withdrawing their child before the end of the academic year may do so, by giving a requisition in writing at least 30 days in advance. In all such cases school fees have to be paid for the whole year before the T.C. is issued and the fees already paid will not be refunded. Students who have failed twice in the same class will be asked to leave the school. T.C. and conduct certificate will be issued to pupil after clearing all the dues.