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Clubs Activities

List of Clubs Activities

  • Science Club
  • Math's Club
  • Social Studies Club
  • Literary & Cultural Club
  • Environment Club
  • Fine Arts Club
  • Computer Club
  • Dance Club etc.; cater to the special aptitudes and talents of the students.

Since every activity of the school is a part of the curriculum, it is compulsory that every student participates in it. Hence, the students who are selected to various school teams or involved in other school activities are expected to stay back in the school after classes for an hour to make use of the opportunities provided for them. No exemption will be granted to anyone except on medical grounds.

All the activities are meant to develop the total personality of the student. So, parents should encourage their children to participate in them whole-heartedly. Once a student is selected and given practice for any of the school teams, it is compulsory that he/she participates in the competitions for which the school sponsors him/her as it will not be possible to select a new player to replace him/her at the last hour.

Class-excursions and educational tours are arranged with the permission of the parents. For all picnics and excursions, the students must wear school uniform.

General Proficiency Chart
A general proficiency chart is maintained for every student. Points are allotted based on the performance in various activities -literary, cultural, games, clubs, and the behavior traits of the students are displayed periodically.