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Rules and Regulations

School Handbook :

Every student must have his/her own Handbook and bring it to the school daily. A student who loses or mutilates his/her Handbook will have to buy another one which cost Rs.100/-. When a student is absent or late or fails to come to school in uniform, parents must explain the reason in a brief communication in writing not exceeding one line, to the school on the page allotted for the purpose or on the day's page.

On the same page, students must take down assignments or home work given on that particular day in various subjects. This is to help parents to keep in touch with the work in the class. Any communication the Principal/the teachers have for parents will also be written on this page and parents are requested to read and sign below them. Particulars of the payment of fees and the marks secured in the tests are to be entered in the Handbook.

Leave of Absence and Attendance :

Any leave of absence is allowed only with the prior permission of the Principal through a duly authorized letter of the parent or guardian. All leave letters should be addressed to the Principal. Leave letters should be submitted, as far as possible, well in advance. The name of any student who absents himself/herself habitually without prior permission of the Principal will be removed from the rolls. Applying for leave to attend social and religious functions is not encouraged. Those who produce false medical certificates for leave will forfeit their seat at the end of the academic year. Failure to bring a leave note may oblige the school authorities to send the student home even during school hours. Parents must meet the principal for obtaining more than two days of leave. 90% of attendance is compulsory for all the students for promotion.

Absence without leave :

A student who has been absent from school will not be allowed to enter the class unless he/she brings a note in his/her Handbook, stating the reason for his/her absence duly signed by his/her parents/ guardian and obtains the Principal's permission. If a student is absent for more than two days, the parents must meet the Principal before the student enters the class.

Absence without leave, renders a student liable to a fine of Rs.10/- at a time. If the absence is for more than 10 days consecutively the student's name will be removed from the rolls. The student may be re-admitted on payment of Rs.200/- after obtaining permission from the Principal. Admission may be granted only for valid reasons acceptable to the principal.

The Principal's prior permission is required

(i) To make a collection for any purpose, whatsoever.
(ii) To arrange for a meeting, a picnic, etc.
(iii) To leave the school premises during working hours.
(iv) For any student to join a sports meet or to play in a tournament outside the school.
(v) To arrange for private tuition by teachers of the school.
(vi) For any parent or visitor to meet a pupil or teacher during the working hours.

Exercise Books and Text Books

Every student should possess the prescribed text books and note books and bring them regularly to the class as per the time table. The text books and note books should be neatly covered and labeled. Students of classes I to IV need not bring text books to school. A copy of the text books is placed in the classes.

Guidance and Counseling :

The guidance and counseling centre of the school provides counseling for all the students by trained staff members. We also have a counseling centre in the campus.