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School Uniform

1. The uniform must conform to the colour and pattern prescribed by the school.

2. Wearing full uniform is compulsory except on birthdays. No excuse for improper uniform. Defaulters may be fined or sent home at the parents' risk, unless a note of excuse duly signed by the parent is produced.

3. Students must modestly dress while reporting to school.

4. Parents should inculcate in their wards a sense of discipline, hard work and simplicity. Hence, wearing expensive jewels, watches, carrying money, bringing expensive toys to school, cell phones etc., are strictly prohibited.

5. Students should refrain from wearing jeans, sleeveless or short tops on working days and holidays.

6. Boys should use lace up shoes. Use of fancy shoes, track shoes etc., is strictly prohibited.

7. During winter, the students are expected to wear blazers specified by the school authorities.

8. Girl students should plait their hair neatly and tie up their hair with ribbons. It is compulsory for the girl students to wear black tights/ bloomers.

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